Freight costs get lower! [from 26.08.2023]

Freight costs get lower! [from 26.08.2023]

Hi Guys,

You Know we are fighting for lowering the price & costs, to make it happen, our customers to get our fantasyboxes at a better price & cost.

Today we have a good news. We've found a new logistics and transportation partner, they are also logistics partner of Amazon, with years of logistics operations and time-saving guarantee.

All North American, EU, Asian(exclusive India) and Oceanian countries standard shipping cost 9.90€(before was 19.90€ to 39,90€) and free shipping remain the same (orders over 299€)


Orders Shipping Cost Now Before
€1.00-€299.00 €9.90 €19.90 - €39.90
Free Shipping Over €299.00 Over €399.00


And now we are working on the next step, to make the price of Steelbook/FantasyBox lower and lower.

Hope you guys like it!(That would be great, if theres a tip :3)


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