Happy New Year 2023 & Happy 5. Birthday FantasyBox

Happy New Year 2023 & Happy 5. Birthday FantasyBox

Hi Guys,

Its new year coming again. First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 to you all.

You know what, 31. December 2022 is also the 5. birthday of FantasyBox.

We never imagined that we could do this far, from 10 steelbooks designs at beginning to over 600 designs now.

During this 5 years, we have learned so much and met lots friends, got much supports and more contacts.

We know we are still a mini team, but we love that, we don't want to make this big, Stay tiny and stay friendly.

Best service for 100 customers would be much better than provide bad service to 10 thousands!

Thank you all,
Thank you very much to everyone supported us.
Let's go with our favorite games and memories together and further.


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