Policy update [2023-5-25]

Policy update [2023-5-25]

Hi Guys,

Today is terrible and people are more than that! One word to describe it is 'fury '.So we deside to change our Policy.

Please read this and seriously considering whether to place an order!

We are only a little team, not like Amazon, eBay or Walmart big company. SO before you place an order please think and read this carefully.

If you continue to shop in our store, it means you accept our policy 100%.

1. We will send the package in 24 - 72 hrs, whatever there is tracking number applied or not.(We dont have time to fill them). So please dont ask this idot question.

2. We do not accept order cancellations! Because your order maybe already shipped, we can't stop it, so fxxk off!

3. We don't have any return policy! All products are inspected before shipment, and we also put free steebook(s) within, so dont bother us, and don't think about the return! WE ARE NOT AMAZON!

4. We don't give any refunds! We don't follow the refunds policy of PayPal. (This will be the agreement and proof submit to PayPal.)

5. We provide special steelbooks to gamers in this world, if we dont do this anymore, no one will do it. SO THINK ABOUT IT!

We know as well that some buyers are just trying to take advantage of us, get the steelbooks for free. We must to say no to those blood sucking bugs, if they continue to do this, we will close our store. Go to buy those second-hand and third-hand tin steelbooks. We will go on making our designs our artworks, but not for you guys!

We are just games fans and love to make the steelbooks from our hearts, but some of you broke our hearts. SORRY!


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I love ordering from you guys! You always have amazing quality and customer service! I always appreciate the extra freebie you throw in even though you guys have zero need to do so! Without you all my collection wouldn’t be as full with steelbooks as it is now! Love the work and will continue to purchase and support you all!!!!

August 21, 2023 at 21:55pm

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