Post Instagram Get Free Shipping Coupon!

Post Instagram Get Free Shipping Coupon! FANTASYBOX

Hi Guys,

In fact, there was never any marketing campaign since we started FantasyBox, we never thought about it because at beginning we only want to spend them in a little circle, to share what in our minds, to design what we want, to make what it should look like.

To survive and grow, we have to do some marketing, but we don't know many about it till now, and we don't want to waste our limited investment on that bullshit Google ad or Facebook commercial, we still have thousands bad designs boxes are laying in warehouse and we dont have that time to watch the dashboard about every click. And we are not profi with videos and YouTube, but we try to make our Videos like FantasyBox style.
PS. in 2 years we got only 200+ subscriber on Youtube, if you still not subscribed , Please

So the question before us is:
1. We need marketing.
2. We don't want more from our customers.
3. We don’t have time to put more attentions on social networks.
4. How to make this better even in this fucked up world.

Post Instagram Get Free Shipping Coupon!

So we plan to launch a series of win-win strategies
Step 1 On Instgram
If you posted more than 5 about FantasyBox steelbooks on Instagram, certainly with suitable and awesome pictures, photos or videos, it is very important. Then send us Email with screenshots, you will get a freeshipping coupon with your name no it.

If you have never put any orders, and don't have any our Steelbook/FantasyBox by hand, don't worry, just click on social media share buttons on your favorite stuffs page, to share and DONE!

With this way, our customers can get some benefit on shipping cost and we will get some social media posts, that is win-win plan. is that ok for you?

Post Instagram Get Free Shipping Coupon!


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