SCCS - Steelbook Customize Crowd Solution | FantasyBox

SCCS - Steelbook Customize Crowd Solution | FantasyBox

Hi Guys,

From Jan. 2023 we start a new program, called SCCS - Steelbook Customize Crowd Solution.

The biggest difficulty of customized steelbook is AMOUNT. For exsample: the cost to make one customized special design steelbook is same as make 50 pieces, this is why our produces are so expensive, Yes we know that, and we also want to change it. Therefore, we must try our best to take control of costs and the initiative.

So we started SCCS, its like crowdfunding, fest crowd with lower price to get limited stuffs. That is it!

If you accept our solution, please pay attention to products with SCCS logo, and give a 5⭐review(sorry we dont have a comment system in our shop), if comments/reviews over 10, then we make it and special order price only for comments/reviews submitters.

SCCS(Steelbook Customize Crowd Solution) Call for Comments

We believe one day we can make a little amount but special and fantastic design steelbooks with unbelievable price, 39€...29€... 19€...9€...even more lower.

Hold out your hands, let's make it happen.

We need your ideas, your comments and reviews!


2 thoughts on “SCCS - Steelbook Customize Crowd Solution | FantasyBox


Folklore (PS3)!!!!!!!!

April 7, 2023 at 00:12am

It’s a great idea I would like to propose a title

April 6, 2023 at 23:57pm

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