What is SteelArmors and why slip case?

What is SteelArmors and why slip case?

Hi Guys,

What is SteelArmors
I think you've already discovered there are some new products on our website. Yes its called 'SteelArmors', a new generation slip case for all plastic case of Playstation 5, PlayStation 4 and XBOX.The official website is steelarmors.com

Why slip case?
Steel slip case was popular around 1990-2010, at that time, some movies and games would release the editions with steel slip case. However, in order to control costs, steel slip case were gradually replaced by paper slip case and withdrew from the stage of history.

You know about us, love the stuffs retro, strong sense of age, memory of time, suitable for collection and show.

What's Beta Sale?
We haven't decided on the final price yet. Beta Sale is just to promote the product and give it to friends who support our team with a lower price.

steel slip case

We have been preparing for this for half a year. I'm really sorry that the quantity of the finished product released for the first time is very small, and the independent packaging has not been completed yet.

We will release ONE SteelArmors every day. As you know, there are not many perfect finished products, so my friends who need it, just place your order as soon as possible.



Q&A about SteelArmors & FantasyBox


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