Only On PlayStation


Once a upon time, Sony released the 'Only On PlayStation' cellection of classic games in the United Kingdom. But Two points are very pity. One is that, this cellection is just ordinary plastic game boxes wrapped in hard paper, and the collection value is greatly reduced; the second is that this cellection is only released in the UK, and for the fans from others country, its very difficult to get them or only from eBay with high prices.


A German friend chatted with me on Instragram and he said that he dreams of getting a set of OOP, but the price on eBay is too high and the quality is not very good. He thinks that if it can be made into a steelbook version, he will be very excited.


So I think why not. I also like the designs of this cellection, and I also dont want them wrapped with paper in my hands. So lets do this.
We only made 25 sets of 'Only On PlayStation', called OOP Edition. You can buy it separately or as a bundle. And here are the links: