A Plague Tale Requiem Island Edition Steelbook FantasyBox Artwork

A tale in the making

A Plague Tale: Requiem

’s In Focus series includes four episodes which each brings three members of Asobo Studio together to share their creative journeys giving life to 

the sequel to the critically acclaimed 
A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Episode 1: Story
     invites Kévin Choteau (Game Director), Sébastien Renard (Lead Writer), and David Dedeine (Creative Director) to situate 
    A Plague Tale
    ’s second chapter in relation to the first and talk about 
    the evolution of 
    A Plague Tale
    ’s heroes Amicia and Hugo De Rune, their relation, attitudes, abilities, and new dynamics involved.

  • Episode 2: World Building
     invites Olivier Ponsonnet (Art Director), David Dedeine (Creative Director) and Kévin Choteau (Game Director) to chat about the worldbuilding work done for this sequel, 
    still giving a great sense of history while taking Amicia and Hugo south, towards the Mediterranean and its burst of light and colors.

  • Episode 3: Tech
     invites Brice Davin (Executive Producer), Cyril Doillon (Lead Gameplay Engineer) and Julien Guérin (Cinematic Director) to share 
    the challenges and innovations associated with developing 
    A Plague Tale: Requiem
     as a next-gen exclusive game
    , taking full advantage of the most advanced technology available.
  • Episode 4: Gameplay
     invites Kévin Pinson (Lead Level Designer), Kévin Choteau (Game Director) and David Dedeine (Creative Director) to let us in on the work they’ve done to
     offer new gameplay possibilities, towards a more flexible experience, with more freedom
     for the player yet keeping a strong narrative direction.

Far across the sea, an island calls…
Embark on a heartrending journey into a brutal, breathtaking world twisted by supernatural forces.

After escaping their devastated homeland, Amicia and Hugo travel far south, to new regions and vibrant cities. There, they attempt to start a new life and control Hugo’s curse.

But, when Hugo’s powers reawaken, death and destruction return in a flood of devouring rats. Forced to flee once more, the siblings place their hopes in a prophesized island that may hold the key to saving Hugo.

Discover the cost of saving those you love in a desperate struggle for survival. Strike from the shadows or unleash hell, overcoming foes and challenges with a variety of weapons, tools and unearthly powers.

● Sequel to the award-winning adventure A Plague Tale: Innocence
● A spectacular grounded tale twisted by supernatural forces
● Use a variety of tools, sneak, fight, or unleash hell and rats
● Stunning visuals combine with an enthralling score