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A Charitable Steelbook for #FREESTELLARBLADE to give support to petition!


We need your SUPPORTS, please leave comments HERE!


STELLAR BLADE #FREESTELLARBLADE Charitable Steelbook | FantasyBox Artwork

STELLAR BLADE #FREESTELLARBLADE Charitable Steelbook | FantasyBox



1. This Steelbook is NO QUANTITY LIMITS!

2. ALL discount codes or VIP codes are not working for this Charitable Steelbook.

3. MagicBox will not include Charitable Steelbook.

4. Charitable Steelbook will not be recorded into '3 Paid Get 1 Free MagicBox’

5. This product is for public welfare, and the FantasyBox team will bear part of the costs. No price questions will be accepted

6. Thank you for your tip in the order, support us to release more charitiable Steelbooks!

STELLAR BLADE #FREESTELLARBLADE Charitable Steelbook FantasyBox Outside