About the Diablo IV und III

About the Diablo IV und III - FantasyBox

This weekend all guys should be playing Cyberpunk 2077, make fun in night city.

But I think about Diablo IV and III, because I have seen some very cool pictures of Diablo IV, and there are no steelbook and good cover designs for Diablo III, that is unacceptable.

Maybe We will do this, not long from here. You may say we are just insane, when all the people talk about Cyberpunk, playstation 5 or some other cool games, but we pick up the game from ten years ago.

I was not good player in Diablo III, BUT I played on all the platforms, Battle.net, PS4, XBOX and even Nintendo Switch. I dont know why, maybe just I am in love.

Diablo III preview outside

Diablo IV preview outside


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