We are online AGAIN, with Cyberpunk 2077 together.

We are online AGAIN, with Cyberpunk 2077 together. - FantasyBox

FantasyBox are online again with cyberpunk 2077 together at 12.10.2020

Hi Guys,

At the end of 2020, before we walk the night city through, another good news is coming, that is ifantasybox.com online shop new opening.

We will present it to friends and collectors with a new look. For this update, our entire team has been preparing for too long. 2020 is a chaotic year, we used to be lonely, hesitant and helpless. But through ifantasybox.com, we come together with many friends who like games and collection with steelbooks.

In 2020, our designs, product quality, and packaging safety all been significantly improved. BUT only ONE thing that not as good as before, is the delivery time of logistics, which we can do nothing. I think after the pandemic, Logistics timeliness will be improved.

With 150+ steelbook designs total and every week 4-5 new designs. We believe FantasyBox will be the greatest steelbook maker in the world. That is the return of steelbooks king.

We are appreciate all the friends, thanks for your support, and we wish you all have a wunderful time in the world of cyberpunk.


Yours FantasyBox Team

10 December, 2020 


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