Now pre-order is available for you!

Now pre-order is available for you!

Hi guys,

Lots of our customers and friends send Email to us, want to get new steelbooks earlier, even pay more for that. That is really nice, but that is not the world we want to.

You know, each design only 30 or 50 pieces would be made by hand, so not every one is perfect, but we try our best to make all steelbook of FantasyBox better.

We respond to Email as soon as possible, make design sample for friends who have their own ideas.(if you need just send Email to us.)

This time our last Remake Part I came, we made some designs and finally two designs were chosen by our friends and clients.

On November 1st they will arrive, but quantities are low so we decied to open with pre-order, AND with 15% discount, AND with a free FantasyMag Pure Glass Magnet (6.4cm x 4.8cm) within.

So what are you waiting for. 

Don't care about the sample, its just for the show.

The Last of Us remake Part 1 Classic Edition Steelbook FantasyBox FantasyMag.jpgThe Last of Us remake Part 1 Firyfly Edition Steelbook FantasyBox FantasyMag.jpg


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