About the Shipping and Tax (include Import Tax, value-added tax VAT, Customs Clearance or others)

About the Shipping - FantasyBox

Freight costs get lower! [from 26.08.2023]




Hi Guys,

I know you are very confused about the cost of shipment and import tax Lets talk about this.

1.Shipping Cost

Orders  Shipping Cost
€1.00-€99.00 €19.90 - €29.90
€99.00-€299.00 €9.90 - €19.90
Over €299.00 Free Shipping


The package for your order will be ready in 48 Hours. You will receive the express package within 7 - 12 days.

2.About TAX

We send with Air Express small package, there SHOULD be small tax for you, you can pay it yourself and you need to provide your credit card info to tax department or customs.

With our TAX service, we will pay all the tax (include Import Tax, value-added tax VAT, Customs Clearance or others) to ensure that the package delivered to your front door smoothly and safely. (This is a one-time payment for a single package/order, usually for packages from 1x steelbook to 50x steelbooks.)Your country need this tax to make a better world.

3.Get one free Steelbook | FantasyBox

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